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Enchanting Creations

Enchanting Creations “Enchanting creations of tropical wonder.” — Tom (THOR) Thordarson

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Highest Standards

Highest Standards “Kelly brings the highest of standards, depth, quality and range to her cocktails.”

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Holden “Kelly is now a prominent fixture in the resurgent Tiki scene.” — Holden Westland, Tiki Farm

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John O

John O “When Kelly’s mixing her originals … it’s an EVENT.” — John Okanishi, Classic cocktail enthusiast

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Kari “Kelly’s work dazzles with a variety of fresh flavors and originality.” — Kari Hendler

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Mark Holt

Mark Holt “One of few bartenders today that understands the classic tiki cocktail.” — Mark Holt

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Otto “An inspiration to the So Cal Tiki scene.” — Otto von Stroheim, founder of ‘Tiki News’ and ‘Tiki Oasis’

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Sven “Kelly Reilly is a masterful mixologist.” — Sven Kirsten, author of ‘The Book of Tiki’ and ‘Tiki Modern’

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