Kelly's menu of classic & signature cocktails includes these unique recipes along with the dozens of traditional recipes (from the Mai Tai to the Zombie).

Browse the cocktails below for a quick introduction, but the only way to experience Kelly's mixology is to try the drinks in person.

Bangkok Kickâ„¢

Nothing in the universe like it! A savory taste of White Rum, Peanut Liqueur and a heap of other stuff. Sweet, but not too sweet, smooth and a small kick. (Created with Trader Tom Morgan.)

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Black Sand, Blue Seaâ„¢

When I first heard the Tikiyaki Orchestra’s song, Black sand, blue sea it took me away to a place I wanted to be and to stay forever. To lie on the sand sipping my ultimate island style cocktail made with Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao and more hand crafted liqueurs and simple syrups. Quite unique and popular, guaranteed to take you where you want to be…

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Keko Mokaki (Monkey Mess)â„¢

(Kekō Mōkaki) This is what happens when the monkeys are let loose to wreak havoc on the top shelf alcohol.

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Little Buddyâ„¢

Your best friend when stranded on a desert isle. Tall and frosty cascade of Tropical Flavors including Mango Rum, Coconut Rum, Dark Rum and Nectar of the Islands.


Mary Ann’s Homemade Coconut Cream Pie™

“Is that pie I smell in the window of that hut?” From the farms of Kansas to the sands of Hawaii. Mary Ann’s own Delectable Liquid Delight.


Mele Kalikimaka Mock Martiniâ„¢

On a Bright Hawaiian Christmas day… Godiva White Chocolate Liquer evokes the soft glow of powdery snow warmed in the tropics with Coconut Rum. Served straight up, with a peppermint swizzle. A holiday treat!


Mug Crackerâ„¢

Blended Rums with hints of pepper. Made with hand crafted syrups. (Created with Trader Tom Morgan.)

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Phuket Phizzâ„¢

pronounced [poo’ket fiz] Made with a trio of handcrafted syrups, ginger, Dark and Coconut Rums. Effervescent with tiki flavors.

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Professor’s Nocturnal Dream™

Fantasy inspired by everyone’s favorite starlet. Sweet nothings whispered by an alluring tropical breeze

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Dark Jamaican Rum, a slight touch of coconut, prickly pear and five more fruit juices make up this rum punch. Suggested Volcano Bowl for 2 or more people as well as a single tall cocktail.

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Sunset on the Kona Kaiâ„¢

Coruba Coconut Rum, melon, maraschino cherry float and other refreshing flavors. Sweet and delightful. The sun does set on this Kona Kai.


The Alexanderâ„¢

Classic candied fruit of the valley soaked in rum, pureed with three more rums with Coruba Coconut Rum taking the lead. Not overly sweet but sweet enough, P.S. I love you…

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