Kelly's menu of classic & signature cocktails includes these unique recipes along with the dozens of traditional recipes (from the Mai Tai to the Zombie).

Browse the cocktails below for a quick introduction, but the only way to experience Kelly's mixology is to try the drinks in person.

Apollo 151â„¢

Blast off! Nothing says smokin’ like Lemon Hart 151 Rum, Martinique Rum a whisper of nut and vanilla liqueurs fresh orange and so on…

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Bachelor #1â„¢

A cocktail designed around the Tikiyaki Orchestra tune of the same name. Based on the classic Vesper with Kelly’s tasteful original twist. Served on a large stem.

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Bangkok Kickâ„¢

Nothing in the universe like it! A savory taste of White Rum, Peanut Liqueur and a heap of other stuff. Sweet, but not too sweet, smooth and a small kick. (Created with Trader Tom Morgan.)

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Bilge Ratâ„¢

Aye! It’s a keger of Rum for yer partakin’ matey. It’s four kind’s of Rum and many a citrus so you don’t get the scurvy now — if the Rum don’t kill ya first. Aye!



Pronounced “x-o-teak” it’s as exotic as cocktails come. Dark Rum, Light Rum, passion fruit, peach and eleven layers of flavors. Served in a tall glass, lightly sweet…One of my personal favorite cocktails. Title by the Tikiyaki Orchestra.

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Jumpin’ Gemini™

Four types of rum… it’s a keg of rum! Lots of citrus in this large cocktail.

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Kelly’s Quintessential Rum Barrelâ„¢

It’s The best Rum Barrel you’ll ever enjoy. Four Rums blended with many handcrafted infusions. It’s amazing, I promise.

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Kilauea Sizzleâ„¢

Dark Jamaican Rum, amid a delicate suggestion of vanilla fruits and spices await the heat of the night until the soul of Pele collides with Kamapuaʻa once again. Fear!

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Kona’s Curse™

Sacred potion born of the Isle’s Volcano. If you dare, step into the quicksand of Lemon Hart 151, El Dorado Demerara and Appleton Rums. Sure to make the ground beneath your feet quake!

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Shaka Hula Bossa Novaâ„¢

HipHiPaHulA’s strongest cocktail. Three Rums, Lemon Hart 151, not just booze, it’s got flavors and a bang! Amazingly unique. And ok, drink a couple if you wanna feel just a tiny hammered?

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Singapore Swingâ„¢

A new riff on an old classic inspired by the Tikiyaki Orchestra’s song of the same title. French Cognac and other top shelf spirits will be sure to swing you off to Singapore.

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The Exotic Sandy Warnerâ„¢

Alluring blend of Lemon Hart, light Rum with fresh fruit nectars, tropical flavors and a whisper of Amaretto. Yum! “It’s as exotic as Martin Denny.”

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The Koenigâ„¢

Clement Vieux V.S.O.P. Rhum, Flowering Liqueurs, very unique hand crafted tart fruit syrups crafted by Kelly is the modern twist. Embodied with citrus, spices and a pour of Appleton 12 year Jamaican Rum.

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The Kriselâ„¢

Clement Rhum Blanc and Junipero Gin flourished of my own in-house crafted Flowering Syrup, a hint of nuts and carmel follow. Very exotic, dry, light and smooth to the palate.

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Two Black Eyesâ„¢

A combination of rums including Blackstrap, enhanced by Chartruse with a hint of handcrafted Spice syrup. Pow!

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Waiting for Watubiâ„¢

A Witch Doctor’s Tonic delivering a Whale of a Wallop. One, two, three, four Rums with a barbaric streak; including Cruzan and Pusser’s Navy Rums. Will send you screaming into the lagoon.