Kelly's menu of classic & signature cocktails includes these unique recipes along with the dozens of traditional recipes (from the Mai Tai to the Zombie).

Browse the cocktails below for a quick introduction, but the only way to experience Kelly's mixology is to try the drinks in person.

Brazilian Buzzâ„¢

Aged Cachaça from Brazil tumbled with agave, fruits and nectars, add some heat from the ‘Land of the Holy Cross’ and you’ll be doing the Bossa Nova to Carnival in double time!

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Coconut Burnâ„¢

Coruba Coconut Rum, an in-house crafted vegetable mixture that has a sweet yet slightly warm kick! Sum it up? Sweet, tart and has some heat. A fan favorite.

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Kick in the Coconutsâ„¢

It will kick a bit but delicious! Coruba Coconut Rum, Blackstrap Rum & … Burn, baby, burn!

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Mug Crackerâ„¢

Blended Rums with hints of pepper. Made with hand crafted syrups. (Created with Trader Tom Morgan.)

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Pele’s Kissâ„¢

Her kiss is on fire then tempered with cool love. The sweet Rums, Coconut and Vanilla come together but not for long, Pele is angry, with this anger comes Lemon Hart 151 Rum. Sweetness is spun into a very unique spicy cocktail you must savor, Pele’s Kiss is tantalizing!

Any cocktail may be made for 1 or more people — and on fire at your request.

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Phuket Phizzâ„¢

pronounced [poo’ket fiz] Made with a trio of handcrafted syrups, ginger, Dark and Coconut Rums. Effervescent with tiki flavors.

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Poho Mokuâ„¢

(Pohō Moku) Vanilla Rum, Canton liqueur and handcrafted syrups swirl together evoking a lingering breeze from the islands. Inspired by the Tikiyaki Orchestra’s song of the same name. Served in a small bowl.

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Savage Marubiâ„¢

Bring out the Savage headhunter in you. Exotic Elixir of hand selected premium Rums and Liqueurs. Retrieved from the cave, hidden away by residents of the neighboring island. Featuring Montecristo Spiced Rum, Clement Martinique V.S.O.P. and Appleton Reserve. Spirit this treasure away before the drumming forewarns of the Headhunters’ return.

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Two Black Eyesâ„¢

A combination of rums including Blackstrap, enhanced by Chartruse with a hint of handcrafted Spice syrup. Pow!

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