Kelly's menu of classic & signature cocktails includes these unique recipes along with the dozens of traditional recipes (from the Mai Tai to the Zombie).

Browse the cocktails below for a quick introduction, but the only way to experience Kelly's mixology is to try the drinks in person.

Aloha, Babyâ„¢

Inspired by the Tikiyaki Orchestra song and album of the same name. The most unique of island style cocktails. Coconut Rum, bouquets of liqueurs, lemon, lime, grapefruit then more fruits and flavors of the island. Topped off with a float of Dark Jamaican Rum. You want even more coconut? Ask for it “Island style” (cream coconut) Tall and refreshing. Aloha, Baby!

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Bachelor #1â„¢

A cocktail designed around the Tikiyaki Orchestra tune of the same name. Based on the classic Vesper with Kelly’s tasteful original twist. Served on a large stem.

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Brazilian Buzzâ„¢

Aged Cachaça from Brazil tumbled with agave, fruits and nectars, add some heat from the ‘Land of the Holy Cross’ and you’ll be doing the Bossa Nova to Carnival in double time!

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Caveman Kava Grogâ„¢

Back in the Stone Age this concoction of Pusser’s Navy and Coruba Dark Rums was only for the keepers of the cave. Today the Caveman Gods let you take part!


Dan-O’s Day Offâ„¢

It’s the end of the mid-century…What would Dano drink on his day off? Vodka! Dano drank Smirnoff. Try it with your favorite vodka — you call it. The citrus flavors are in there. Very refreshing. “Book ‘em Dano!” From the Tikiyaki Orchestra’s album ‘Swingin’ Sounds for the Jungle Jetset.’


French Whoreâ„¢

All top shelf French ingredients for the dry palate. Saint James Martinique Rum, cognac and even more French liqueurs. “Now what would you like to drink?”



A HipHiPaHulA signature cocktail because it’s one of the first rum cocktails I created years ago, I still love it~. Deep Dark Rums topped with Lemon Hart 151 and things we can’t chat about. It’s both sweet and tart with citrus flavors. Served tall.


The Eichlerâ„¢

Featuring Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin bound by fruits of the garden, flowers on the vine and citrus off the tree. A crisp and refreshing bouquet.

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The Fickettâ„¢

Fair Quinoa Vodka is suggested, muddled flower bouquets and unique in house-drams. Topped with delightful citrus foam. Served on the on the rocks or straight up, fresh and delightful.

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The Koenigâ„¢

Clement Vieux V.S.O.P. Rhum, Flowering Liqueurs, very unique hand crafted tart fruit syrups crafted by Kelly is the modern twist. Embodied with citrus, spices and a pour of Appleton 12 year Jamaican Rum.

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The Vanguardâ„¢

Gin, Agwa, and a zephyr of mint whisper lend to a crisp, clean and cool experience. “I wanted the feel of Cool Jazz to Hard Bop music playing in your head as you sip your way through this drink. It’s 1962, we’re all at the Village Vanguard in New York, listening to the greatest Hipsters of all time…. Feel it?… I’ll take you there.

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The Wrightâ„¢

Frank Lloyd Wright grew up on the rolling hillsides of Wisconsin. Frank enjoyed tending after the grape vines, apple orchards and looking after acres of fruits and vegetables. In 1911, Frank built his Taliesin home and his love for agriculture and foodscape was of great importance.

In the spirit Frank Lloyd Wight’s love of architecture and agriculture I offer “The Wright.” I have carefully harmonized, The Botanist Islay Dry Gin with Moletto Grappa Nebbiolo Da Barolo along with a whisper of my handcrafted syrup and a dash of surprise – thus allowing all the favors of the Botanist Gin and fruit tones of the Grappa to be be felt and enjoyed by you… from me, cheers!

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Tiki Batidaâ„¢

In Brazil, ‘batida’ means to shake or to blend with ice until smooth. A “Tiki Batida” is made with Brazilian Silver Cachaca and layers of unique liqueurs and nectars. When it is served you swizzle it and that’s when the true excitement begins.


Vostok Cocktailâ„¢

Stolichnaya Vodka, handcrafted fruit syrups, fresh lime. Intensely cold and crisp. Not overly sweet.