Kelly's menu of classic & signature cocktails includes these unique recipes along with the dozens of traditional recipes (from the Mai Tai to the Zombie).

Browse the cocktails below for a quick introduction, but the only way to experience Kelly's mixology is to try the drinks in person.

Bachelor #1â„¢

A cocktail designed around the Tikiyaki Orchestra tune of the same name. Based on the classic Vesper with Kelly’s tasteful original twist. Served on a large stem.

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The Vanguardâ„¢

Gin, Agwa, and a zephyr of mint whisper lend to a crisp, clean and cool experience. “I wanted the feel of Cool Jazz to Hard Bop music playing in your head as you sip your way through this drink. It’s 1962, we’re all at the Village Vanguard in New York, listening to the greatest Hipsters of all time…. Feel it?… I’ll take you there.

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