Kelly Reilly’s cocktails are different.
Many would simply say “better.”

For several years, Kelly had been in search of something good to drink. With a firm appreciation of the culinary arts, she continually wondered why it was so difficult to find cocktails that were made with the same, exacting precision and dedication to craft that one finds in gourmet cuisine.

Rather than spend her life on such a quest, she took matters into her own hands. Working diligently in a ‘cocktail laboratory,’ Kelly started a voyage into rarely sailed waters — focusing on top-quality ingredients, scientifically-accurate measurements, and a bold exploration of exotic flavor profiles. When available ingredients fell short of her standards, she started making her own; crafting custom liqueurs,  drams, bitters and extracts to enhance her ever-growing repertoire of libations.

The result of her work is a signature menu of (at current count) over 80 exclusive cocktails that has been noted & appreciated by many luminaries of the cocktail scene. Moreover, she has built up an extensive knowledge of spirits, flavor combinations, serving techniques, and an unending thirst to continually refine her craft. Kelly is also a member of the United States Bartenders’ Guild.

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